Moshi moshi, Japan? — Geneva, Fridy, 13 February

You are cordially invited for “Moshi moshi, Japan?“, in Geneva on Friday, 13 February

Tokyo Sky Tree
Tokyo Sky Tree

“Moshi moshi, Japan?” is an informal meet-up with people who are doing business with Japan. Though Japan is a fascinating market, its business culture is nothing like others. In addition, handling the culture well is the key to success with Japan. 

What are other people doing to work well with Japan?

What works and what doesn’t?

What breakthrough did other people make? 

Let’s exchange experiences and discuss over coffee!

Mr. Serge Biro, Head of IT Recruitment, SCS hr solutions

on “The Japanese mindset seen from a recruiter




Participants: Anyone interested in business with Japan.

Date and time: From 18h00 to 19h15, Friday,13 February

Place: Starbucks, Rive, Geneva central area

Languages: French and English

Organisation fee: CHF 10.-

Please register: By e-mail or phone call to Yoshiko Kurisaki, Europe-Japan Dynamics, Tel. 076 411 6076

I look forward to seeing you!


Forthcoming meetings —

Friday 13 March, Japanese market for innovative start-ups

Friday 17 April, Uchi and Soto, the key concepts of the Japanese relationship building

Friday 26 June, Negotiations with Japanese companies (Tentative)

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