How do you make business move forward with Japan?

Culture is an invisible block of business with Japan, while many European companies don’t realize it!

We have the answer.

Is it you –?

The people in our Japanese sales team are nice, kind and always say ‘Yes’. Then why don’t they do what the Head Office asked? I must be missing some fatal points!”

“I have no idea who the leader is among the 10 Japanese business partners at a negotiation table.”

“I don’t understand why my Japanese client doesn’t come back to me for weeks. Is she not interested in my proposals any more?”

“Japanese customers don’t complain when they are not satisfied with our service, but they just never come back to us.”

“I put the implementation plan in place as my Japanese manager said, ‘Yes’ in the management meeting last week. Then why did she get upset when I said that I had implemented the plan?”

“Since my company has been acquired by a Japanese company, I don’t understand who makes which decision in the Head Office any more. I’m lost to understand how the Japanese parent company functions.”

“Why do the Japanese customers start discussing the points we already agreed in the last meeting?”

Something must be done before it costs you too much!



In business culture is too often underestimated.

This may lead to a costly failure.

By engaging us, you will  —

  • Efficiently motivate and manage your international team
  • Have your international team members appreciate you as a leader
  • Leverage cultural and all the differences among team members and business partners into brand new, brilliant ideas and innovation
  • Strategically and smartly negotiate with Japanese business partners
  • Perform presentations to Japanese clients and business partners that speaks to their values and that are aligned with Japanese way of thinking
  • Leverage the famous but notorious Japanese silence for your favor


Our offers

Workshops, Assessment and Consulting

Personal consulting sessions for one to six months may be included.
  • Inside a Japanese head
  • Culture ComPass (TM)
  • Hit!! Seven Clues for western professional women working with Japan
  • Five clues for Business Development Executives working with Japan
  • Five clues for Sales Executives working with Japan
  • Five clues for Human Resource Executives working with Japan
  • Five clues for Supply Chain Management Executives working with Japan
  • Five clues for hotels to grab the mind of Japanese customers and make them stable customers
  • Five clues for relocation companies to grab the mind of Japanese customers and make them come back
  • Five clues for young trainees and interns to prepare for your assignment in Japan

For more information of the workshops, assessment and consulting, click here.

Language: Japanese or English

Contact Yoshiko  Kurisaki


Has your company acquired a Japanese company or been acquired by a Japanese company? 

Workshop. Personal consulting sessions for one to six months may be included.
  • Post Merger Integration (PMI) support — Workshop, “Five things to know about business culture in Japan
  • Culture gap assessment and consulting on cultural alignment

Language: English


Are you a Japanese executive based in Europe?

  • Keys to be respected as a competent manager in European eyes — Interactive workshops and consulting
  • Culture gap assessment based on the 6D method and consulting on cultural diversity management

Language: Japanese and English

Need to know Japanese markets from Japanese sources?  

  • Market research and recommendations on your key interests about Japan

Doing complex meeting & negotiations with the Japanese?

  • Cultural protocol decoding integrated in language support is critically important and in negotiations with the Japanese. We provide you with language support as well as Japanese cultural insights. Please call us for Japanese customers’ visits, meetings of global teams, negotiations, etc.

Language: Japanese and English

Our customers include —

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Let’s turn cultural diversity to brand new ideas and innovation!

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