Helping Switzerland and Japan for 28 years, “Moshi moshi, Japan?”, Geneva, Friday, 23 October

Moshi moshi, Japan?, Geneva, Friday, 23 October

An authentic fish shop.
An authentic fish shop.

Interested in business with Japan?
Want to know more about Japanese business culture?
Wish to learn keys to success in business with Japan?

Why not spending 75 minutes once a month with like-minded people?

“Moshi moshi, Japan?” is an informal meet-up with people doing business with Japan.

– What are other people doing to work well with Japan?
– What works and what doesn’t?
– What breakthrough did other people make?

Theme “Helping Switzerland and Japan for 28 years”
Presenter Mr. Kiyoshi IMAI, Trade and Investment Adviser, Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), Geneva

Date and time: From 18h30 to 19h45, Friday, 23 October
Place: McDonald (find us at a table on the 1st Floor), 22, rue du Mont-Blanc, 1201 Geneva (1 min from Cornavin station)
Languages: French and English
Fee: CHF 10.- for Organisation and your own coffee

Registration: By e-mail or phone to Yoshiko Kurisaki, Europe-Japan Dynamics, Tel. 076 411 6076

《Express News》Upward revision of Japan’s GDP announced, decrease by 1.2% p.a. in the 2Q

Source: Asahi Ahimbun, 8 Sep. 2015 and summarised and translated by Europe-Japan Dynamics

The real growth rate of Japanese GDP for the period of April to June 2015 was 0.3 % less than the one in the previous quarter (January to March), according to the second breaking news released by the Cabinet Office of the Government of Japan. The figure is equivalent to decrease by 1.2 % p.a., which was an upward revision from the first breaking news in August, that reported decrease by 1.6 % p.a.

Yet to fly high.
Yet to fly high.

It must be noted that the main factor of the upward change was largely due to increase in stock, which does not necessarily signal the improvement of GDP. It is three quarters since the last negative economic growth.

The increase in stock would be due to a still weak buying power of consumers, rather than the increase predicting sales increase in the near future, according to the chief economist of SMBC.

The capital spending was largely revised downward from 0.1% decrease of the first breaking news to 0.9% decrease. This is due to influence of the slowdown of the China’s economy.

Recommendations to Swiss companies – If you wish to sell goods and services to Japanese companies, you must emphasize cost savings first, before efficiency and quality. It is a good timing to travel to Japan.

《Express News》 Top Japanese company of eye drops has selected Geneva for its long-term strategy

Santen, the top Japanese company of eye drops has inaugurated its European office in Geneva, reported by Tribune de Genève on 2 September. It is reported that the company had selected Switzerland for its stability that is indispensable for a long term project, which is to become the third largest company in the ophthalmic field worldwide, from the present 15th. Major reasons of the selection of Geneva, among other Cantons, were its professionalism and good understanding of the company’s needs.

Santen’s office in Geneva will have fifteen (15) managers at the begining, and double the number in three to five years to come.

(Note, Information from Japanese source was not available yet as of 3 September.)

Point of interest: Santen had a long-term strategy in mind.

Facts aout Santen

  • Established in Osaka in 1890
  • Revenue (March 2015) — US$ 1,419.2 Million
  • Products — Eye drops for a variety of eye diseases, including glaucoma and dry eye, supported by research and development, production and quality compliance, and sales and marketing
  • The number of employees — About 3200 worldwide

The company web site –>