I spoke at IGF

I sopoke on mobile web for the development at IGF, held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, on 14-18 November, 2009. I’m really happy to find by chance that Shelley Russell caught my key words in her blog post about the session on Mobile Web. Shelly, your blog power reached me!

I talked about policy and regulatory implications of mobile web. Mobile web is at the crossroads of existing policy domains. For example, e-health is located in the overlapping area of public health and telecommunications policies, e-learning, education and telecommunicatons, etc. A major role of policy makers are to facilitate people to enjoy benfits of technologies. To do so, co-operation beween relevant policy makers based on creative and open mind sets are essential. For more, please see my presentation.

Someone has kindly taken a video of all the speakers, including mine. Thank you!!

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