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28 Nov. Industrial waste + Water –> hydrogen, a group of Osaka University developed technology

An R&D group of Osaka University developed a technique to efficiently produce hydrogen from industrial waste and water. The hydrogen gas has the risk of  explosion, and its storage and transportation are challenges. With the new technology, it will be able to safely take out hydrogen when needed, and one may further expect application to a portable hydrogen generator. The group published the technology in a British science magazine, Scientific Reports.

Comments: The technology may help small and medium-sized companies.

29 Nov. Smart coaster that tells shop staff when not much beer is left in a mug, made by Kyocera

Kyocera made a “smart coaster” as a trial product that assesses remaining quantity of beer in a mug and that tell it to a shop staff. The company plan to propose it to restaurants and may produce it on a commercial basis if there would be enough demand.

Comments: One may use this technology for various other purposes, such as medical applications.

30 Nov. Recycling of waste paper from offices without water, Epson selling a new equipment for the first time in the world 

Seiko Epson starts selling “PaperLab” from December, equipment that produces recycled paper from the wastepaper of offices without water. According to the company, PaperLab is the first dry processing equipment in the world. Seiko Epson expects demand from companies and local governments that handle highly confidential documents, as PaperLab allows users to process these documents without taking them outside.

Comments: It’s an ecological technology.


 1 Dec. OK for interns even for one day only, Federation of Economic Organizations to scrap the “Five days” rule

The Federation of Economic Organizations decided to abolish a present condition of internship that requires students to work for a company to see if it matches with them for minimum five days. The Federation will amend guidelines of recruitment addressed to its about 1,300 member companies. This change will enable an internship of one day only and work to shorten time of internship.

Comments: The Japanese internship is for the support of job hunting of students, not like Europe.

2 Dec. Ability to talk determined by heredity and environment half-and-half, according to results of analysis of brain activities of 40 pairs of twins

A group of University of Osaka has reported results of its research that a controlling ability to speak words that pop up is influenced by the heredity and a surrounding environment. The group has reached this conclusion as a result of examination and analysis of 40 sets of adult twins’ brain activity of the adult in total and analyzed it.

Comments: An interesting research!

  • All the news items are picked up from “Asahi Digital”, and summarized and translated by Europe-Japan Dynamics. The articles are not an official translation by the Asahi Newspaper.

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