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17 Mar. “What’s your dream after the 3.11?”, asked a 24 years old to the victims of the East Japan Earthquake and published it in Kyoto

“What is your dream that started after the great earthquake disaster?” — A publishing company, I Ro Ha Publishing in Kyoto, has published a book that pulled together the answers of this question by 30 people, that included men and women of 6 to 87 year-old, titled “Dream arisen from 3.11” (1,900 yen, tax-excluded). Ms HIkari Suenaga, 24 years old, who did interviews and authored the book said that she had become to think, during the interviews that lasted for two years, of the true values of the project.

Comment: The dream has power to make us sad up again and keep moving on.

18 Mar. 365 suicide last year due to troubles of fatigue caused by care of the elders and children, reported by Cabinet Office

The Cabinet Office announced the result of the analysis of suicide last year. While the number of the suicide was less than 25,000, which was the lowest in the past 18 years, there were changes in the reasons. Among the reasons, the number of “health problems” greatly decreased from the last year, whereas the number of “school issues” increased, and the number of “family issues” remained the same. It is remarkable that 365 cases in “the issue of family” were “fatigue caused by care or nursing of family” and “a trouble of child care”.

Comment: The number of the “fatigue caused by care or nursing of family” might increase as the aging of the population progresses.

21 Mar. The cherry blossom bloomed in Tokyo, five days earlier than usual, said the Meteorological Agency

The Meteorological Agency announced the blooming of the cherry blossom in Tokyo today. It is five days earlier than average date of 26 March, and two days earlier than last year.

Comment: The spring has come for the Japanese! It is worrisome that the dates are earlier and earlier, thou. Is it due to global warming?

22 Mar. Agency for Cultural Affairs to move to Kyoto in a few years, according to a plan by the Government 

The Headquarter for Overcoming Populatiton Decline and Vitalizing Local Economy in Japan, organised by the Japanese Government, has completed the basic policy regarding the move of the government offices to the regions outside Tokyo. The entire Agency for Cultural Affairs will mov to Kyoto on a few years. The Headquarter will verify feasibility by the end of August plans to move the Consumer Affairs Agency to Tokushima, and the Statistics Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, to Wakayama. The Headquarter will also determined a full-scale or partial move of 50 organizations of the 23 agencies for training and research. Stronger coordination with local governments are also included in the policy.

Comments: It is a drastic plan if fully implemented. A key factor for success is to distribute the power of decision-making supported by budget to those government agencies and organizations so that they do not have to heavily rely on Tokyo for their management and activities.

23 Mar. First breakthrough of Kansai Airport, over 1 million foreign passengers in February

New Kansai International Airport Company, Ltd. announced that the number of foreign passengers of the airport increased to be 1.03 million in February, 1.5 times increase on year-to-year. It was the first time for the airport to have more than 1 million foreign passengers in one month, exceeding the highest monthly number of 0.98 million recorded in August 2015. The airport company thinks it because of the increase of visitors to Japan during the Lunar New Years holidays (the Lunar New Year was 8 February this year).

Comment: An ever increasing volume of Chinese tourist is an engine of the present development of the tourism in Japan.

24 Mar. International exhibition of the drone participated by 118 vendors, Makuhari Messe

Japan drone 2016″,  Japan’s 1st InternationalCommercial UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) exhibition started at Makuhari Messe of Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi on 24 March. There are 118 vendors. They announced the new products and utilization examples. The exhibition will be held until 26th.

Comment: There are a wide variety of usage of drones for useful purposes. Let’s us the prosperous technology for citizens’ benefits.

  • All the news items are picked up from “Asahi Digital”, and summarized and translated by Europe-Japan Dynamics. The articles are not an official translation by the Asahi Newspaper.

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