Webinar, 3 Feb. (CET) Seven (7) clues for Western professional women in Japan.

西洋人のプロフェッショナル・ウーマンが日本人とのビジネスで成功する七つのコツとは?” 二月三日(節分ですね!)日本時間午後8時より。
Intercultural Training Channel Webinar – Japan – This Wednesday
Wednesday, 3rd February 2016 12 Noon Swiss time(Lunch & Learn), 11AM London time. (60 minutes.)
Please register for this unique opportunity to hear from a Japanese person about Japan tackling the question of Western women succeeding in the challenging environment of Japan.

Click on the link to register; https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/8263161205987217922

Tokyo is changing rapidly. What should Western professional women do to work successfully with the country?

Do feel free to pass the registration link onto anyone in your circle who may benefit from the show – there is zero cost to participate. I can personally recommend Yoshiko as a witty and knowledgable presenter.

Seven (7) clues for Western professional women in Japan.

  • What is essential for Western women professionals in Japan to know?
  • What are the rules in Japan?
  • What is the Status of Japanese women and the Gender gap in 2016?
  • The Fundamental values of the Japanese
  • Japanese values in business – How are they different?
  • Seven Clues for Western Women Professionals
  • Basics = Be yourself
  • The Feminine attitude expected in Japan, etc.

Yoshiko Kurisaki is an executive consultant in cross-cultural management, specialised in helping businesses work better together between Europe and Japan. Living in Geneva Switzerland, She is a Japanese national possessing a unique competence drawn from over 10 years business experience in Japan and over 25 years in Europe. Her passion is resolving cultural issues.

Thanks. I hope you can join us.
+44 7540 65 999 5, Intercultural Training Channel Webinar



投稿者: Yoshiko KURISAKI (栗崎由子)

I am Yoshiko Kurisaki, Japanese, executive consultant specialising in cross-cultural management between Europe and Japan. Having lived in Europe for about 30 years, I'm back to Japan. Culture may be a stop factor in business. On the contrary, if you go beyond that, culture is a valuable source of inspirations and innovation. I help European businesses to turn cultural barriers to innovation.   栗崎由子(くりさき よしこ) 本当に使えるビジネス英語の活用コンサルタント。欧州で30年間、世界230か国以上の人々と仕事をして体得した本物の国際コミュニケーションのコツをお教えします。あなたの仕事が進みます、交渉が捗ります。無料相談(30分)はこちらからどうぞ → https://goo.gl/WpjQ7L



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