Fresh & hot from Japan, 4 and 5 Jan. 2016

A Happy New Year!

Please enjoy fresh & hot news from Japan with my personal comments.



4 Jan. Tokyo is starting to provide subsidy to utilize empty houses.

Due to the aging of population, the number of empty houses are increasing in Japan. There are about 8 millions these houses in the country, of which about 10 % are located in Tokyo.

The Prefectural Government of Tokyo plans to introduce subsidies to those who utilize the empty houses for some public purposes, namely, accommodation for staff to take care of the aged, temporary housing for the child and family services.

Comments — The aging of the population has brought Japan a problem of an increasing number of empty houses all over the country. Being abandoned and unprepared, these houses are creating risks, such as the fire, security of the neighborhood or damage to the neighboring houses in case of falling down. How about in your country?

5 Jan. New Year’s resolution — “Most delighted if we’d declare the end of the deflation” said Mr. Amari

Mr. Akira AMARI, Minister of economic recovery, said when he was asked on his New Year’s resolution at the press conference on 4 Jan., “I’d be most delighted if the Government could declare the end of deflation”.

Since the official recognition of the deflation in March 2001, the Government has not yet declared that it’s over.

Comments — It’s the wish of all the people in Japan.


  • All the news items above are picked up from “Asahi Digital”, summarized and translated by Europe-Japan Dynamics.

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